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Berlin is a five-star city! We want to show you why: whether history, classical music, opera, museum collections, art, restaurants and places to stay. Let us plan your stay and show you what makes Berlin unique!

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We are a group of certified city guides who want to show you Berlin in all its facets

We love Berlin and love to show our visitors what this great city has to offer. All our tours are individually customized to your interests. We love finding the out of the way, historically interesting places that still reflect traditional artisanship as well as the vast cultural diversity that Berlin is famous for.

 Our Guides

Zenaida DesAubris

Certified City Guide

Zenaida des Aubris focuses on classical music, opera, museums, galleries, and Berlin’s varied urban lifestyle. Making use of her vast international background in opera and classical music will help make the history and tradition of one of Europe’s great capital come alive, be it her specialty tour Music in Berlin or designing a special tour based on your interests.

daniela debus

Certified City Guide

Daniela Debus has a degree in art history and is a certified city guide with a focus on architecture, art, design, fashion, food and lifestyle.  She was the cultural editor at the German weekly magazine Bunte for many years. Whilst working for the carmaker BMW, she was responsible for the BMW Magazine worldwide. In Austria, she was director of ArtDesign. In Berlin, she was editor-in-chief of the BerlinBoxx publication.

How to discover the real Berlin

Did you know that Berlin is 9x larger than Paris? Where to begin? Of course, at the center – the Brandenburg Gate – and then spread out. But where to? This is where we can help you find the real Berlin – cultural, scruffy, charming, gruff – but always exciting!

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Kurfuerstendamm, Berlin
Werder Kirche interior
Konzerthaus Berlin
Currywurst with real gold dust at Hotel Adlon, Berlin
Turkish Mezes

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Off the beaten path

Let us show you where real Berliners work and play. It may not be all glitz and glamour, but it is how this city works. 

Hotels & Hostels

Berlin has everything from cheap (and cool) hostels to five star hotels. We know the best and can guide you to finding the most comfortable for your stay. 

Independent discoveries

Are you the type of traveler who wants to discover everything on your own? Let us give you a little help so you can make the most of your time and money in Berlin. 

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